Installation of W Bro Ian Silcock 2022

Wed, 6th April 2022

Brethren, WHAT A NIGHT !!    Wednesday 6th April 2022 was our annual Installation night at The Bewick Lodge 5988 and it was history in the making. The two main participants being W Bro David Watson and W Bro Ian SIlcock.  W Bro David being the outgoing Master, installed the incoming Master W Bro Ian Silcock.    The outgoing WM W Bro David had remained in post for 4 years (due to covid restrictions). The usual maximum time is two consecutive years.   He installed W Bro Ian Silcock as Worship Master of The Bewick Lodge 5988 this being W Bro Ian’s seventh time as WM of this Lodge.  This is a measure of the man of his dedication to Masonry in general and The Bewick Lodge in particular.  The Installation Ceremony was extremely well carried out and attracted many positive comments not just of the Ceremony but also how we conducted ourselves in the Festive Board. However this was not just about the two main particpants, as this was a team effort where every member of the Lodge who were present also played their part and played it well.  In  the festive board we enjoyed an very enjoyable meal in excellent company.   A huge Thank You to W Bro Peter Ward who once again sang The Masters Song to well deserved applause.

This was a momentous night for our Lodge and I’m sure it will be talked about for some time.   Well done to all involved and once again Thank You

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