Bewick Lodge Gallery

WBro Stuart Atchison with his son Bro Callum Atchison on the night of his initiation on the 1st May 2024 with a picture of the WM father the late WBro Robert Atchison

The WM, Bro Callum the Wardens of the Lodge Bro Jon Vink (Callum’s Uncle!) & WBro Graham Water

The members of the Lodge in attendance on the evening accompanied by WBro Jim Campbell, long time friend of the WMs family and WBro Craig Pattison the Lodge VSO

2024 Installation of W Bro Stuart Atchison with his Officers of Lodge accompanied by Prov Rep W Bro John Stevenson, Prov DC W Bro Paul McKie, VSO W Bro Craig Pattison and W Bro Neil Walker WM of Beaconsfield Lodge.

More pictures from our 79th Annual Meeting

The WM with long time family friend WBro Jim Campbell with a picture of his late father WBro Robert Atchison.

2023 Installation of W Bro Paul Smith with all the members of the Lodge who attended, also Prov Rep W Bro Paul Debeham, Prov DC W Bro Chris Watson & our VSO W Bro Craig Pattison

More pictures from our 78th Annual Meeting

W Bro Bob Miles who presented the Master Elect

2nd March 2022 presentation of 50 YEAR CERTIFICATE to W Bro Thomas McKitten by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Michael Graham
W Bro Thomas McKitten with his sons W Bro Sean McKitten & W Bro Lee McKitten
W Bro Tom with the Worshipful Master W Bro Ian Silcock & Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Michael Graham
W Bro Tom McKitten leaving the Lodge to the applauds of the Officers of the Lodge including the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Michael Graham PSGD and the Lodge’s Visiting Support Office W Bro Craig Pattison PPJGW
Andrew Cammiss founder and CEO of East Durham Veterans, the Lodges chosen charity at our December Meeting 2021
W Bro David Watson – Worshipful Master 2021-22 with his Wardens W Bro Ian Silcock & Bro Paul Silcock
The Bewick Lodge 5988 Christmas Meeting white table charity night, 4th December 2019. Fundraising evening on behalf of FACT. Fighting All Cancers Together. A very enjoyable evening with £415 raised. Well done to all.
Our Very own Bro Paul Smith providing harmony. Many Thanks Paul
Summons for W Bro Mel Stephenson for the Provincial Promotions Meeting at The Lancastrian Suite Dunston 30th November 2018 when Mel was promoted to PPrJGW
Bro Alan Johnson achieving Provincial Honours (PPrGPurs) 23rd June 2018
WM W Bro David Watson with the Officers of The Bewick Lodge 5988 for 2018-2019
WM with his Wardens, accompanied by W Bro John David Watts April 2018
WM with the Immediate Past Master Ian Silcock and his son Paul Silcock as Senior Deacon
WM W Bro Ian Silcock with officers of The Bewick Lodge for 2016-2017
W Bro Ian Silcock with his son Paul taking his first office as Steward of the Lodge
W Bro William Talbot on being presented with the 2021 Festival Bronze Award, the Lodge went on to achieve the Silver Award
Bro Paul Smith providing harmony at the 2016 Festive Board
Visit to Canongate & Leith No 5 Lodge Edinburgh 26th September 2017 on the occasion of returning a coffee pot which had originally been presented to the Worship Master of Canongate & Leith in 1895.
The coffee pot had come into the possession of W Bro William Talbot of The Bewick Lodge 5988 from a work colleague who was going to throw it away!  It has now been returned to it’s home in Edinburgh.
W Bro Ian Silcock – Worshipful Master 2016-18 with his son Paul who was initiated into Freemasonry 6th May 2015 by his father W Bro Ian Silcock.
W Bro David Ward Worshipful Master 2015-16 with Lodge members & visiting Provincial Officers
W Bro David Ward – Worshipful Master 2015-16
W Bro Mel Stephenson – Worshipful Master 2014-15
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